Need to Save Money on a Home?

I know you’re sick of the phrase, “these tough economic times.” But lets face it, IT IS tough out there. Everyday folks are having to bail on their mortgage payments, giving up their homes to the too big to fail banks. This leaves them, us Americans with little options for homes.

Here’s a thought if you haven’t considered it before, a way to stick it back to the man… How about buying a repossessed mobile home?

For those of you who have lived in one, or many, you know the advantages of mobile home ownership. And for those of you who consider it a downgrade to buy one? Well think about it, where can you buy a 4 bedroom, 2-bath home for less than $40K?

This may surprise you (or not) but many of these homes come well equipped with amenities: including a dishwasher, washer dryer hookups, a garden bathtub in the master bath, and space. A doublewide mobile home can give you up to 2400 sqft of living area. That’s enough space for a growing family on an extremely friendly budget.

To top it off, many of these homes are designed to look less “trailer” and more like a regular old brick house. You can customize your mobile home with a front porch or back patio, or with dormers, peaks that add a nice house-like appeal to the exterior. Inside you can sheetrock walls or add wood flooring. The money you save on your initial purchase can be put into the design and aesthetic of your home.

If you recently have purchased or are sitting on a chunk of land that you’d like a home on, consider how much money you can save buying a manufactured home vs. building one. With the money you save on your purchase you can splurge on land development, ATVs or other fun toys, or simply put the money in savings, letting your money work for you.

Buying a repo mobile home from a reputable dealer like Texas Repos is the way to go if you’d like a quality home at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Rethink the way you live as well as the way you spend. This day and age, it just makes sense.